Self Love: A Gift To YOU!

Indulging in self love when facing a midlife transition has to be the best gift you can give yourself. It’s better than any manicure, a facial, a fancy haircut, a suit of clothes, a nice car, a fabulous house. Even a banana split splurge at your favorite ice cream shop could not compare to giving yourself the gift of loving YOU.

As late and great Whitney Houston once sang: "Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all."

And that’s what self-love is. When you treat yourself to the best you can give yourself mind, body and soul, you give yourself things that impact you for a lifetime. It’s a life and style decision that benefits you and anyone that comes in contact with you.

Others can’t help but be moved by your efforts of self-indulging actions, ideas, and tendencies that keep you constantly in a mode of happiness. That’s what giving you this special gift is.

There’s nothing you can give yourself on your birthday, at Christmastime or any holiday of the seasons that can compare to giving yourself the love you deserve mind, body and soul.

For self-love entails a practice, habits, priorities that help bring out the best in you no matter your circumstances.

We are talking about what I call HEMPS. And that is health, as in, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual awareness and doing all you can to nurture, develop and expand your horizons in the knowledge of doing your best for you in these areas.

Oh, this is a mouthful. But it is a mouthful that is sure to quench your hunger for personal growth and betterment. This is a website about a midlife crisis and how to overcome the rigors of it. Well, take in this teaching here. Giving yourself the love you deserve is what this is about.

Anthony Robbins calls the practice CANI, which is constant and never-ending improvement. If you take the time to indulge in things that build you in the areas of HEMPS, you can't help but get the best out of your life.

Think about it. First of all, health is number one. My father told me before he left this world, "Eddie, life don’t mean much after your health done gone." I never forgot that.

So health, as in, emotional.

Do the right thing to keep your emotional health high, as in keeping your human vibration level high. Yes, this is scientific, spiritual and medical running together. If you keep simple words like peace, love, happiness, joy and fun close to your heart, your life will go a lot better. Your emotional well-being will thrive and so will you.

There is health as in mental.

There are people who suffer setbacks in this area and have to depend on drug and special psychological and psychiatric treatments to keep their lifestyles as they wish it to be. As it is said by the slogan of the United Negro College Fund, “the mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Keep your in good condition as best you can. Your mental health depends on it.

There is also health as in physical.

And you know about this. Every time you turn on the television there is a commercial trying to sell you the latest physical fitness program or machine designed to give you that buff body Western culture recommends we all strive for. But physical health could be as simple as eating good foods, taking a brisk walk daily, and doing yoga.

And speaking of yoga, that makes me want to talk about spiritual health. This brings on questions like…

·         How do you see the universe?

·         How do you connect with the universe?

·         Do you believe in deities or a God?

·         Do you pray or meditate?

·         Do you do affirmations, give gratitude, or share your goodness with others?

How do you even feel about spirituality? My experience is these are important considerations for spiritual growth and oneness with our universe.

Yes, self-love may just be the greatest gift you can give yourself. It comes wrapped in a package of ideas so profound that I have to dedicate an entire page to give you snippets of suggestions about its importance.

As a midlife crisis goes on in your life, you bringing the best to your life and style in the area of self-love could go a long way. So..

Go ahead. Explore the possibilities here. This website is full of ideas about solutions. And, of course, if you are inspired enough to need my counsel as a life coach, I invite you, now, to use my appointment section at the bottom of this page. Sign up for a FREE "Midlife Crisis To Marvelous Life" Strategy Session.

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Peace love joy and happiness and all the good stuff that comes with it to you.