Signs You Are In A Hot Mess!

What are the signs you are in a hot mess? First, you say it. "Oh, this is such a hot mess I'm in!" They can rise up from many different situations. Let's begin simply with what symptoms mean. Symptoms mean: What is happening in your life situation to make you think you are in a midlife crisis? That's right! Your life! This is about you.

Midlife crisis symptoms affect you in mind, body and soul. That is emotional, mental, physical, spiritual. That's why it becomes a health issue. Your mental and emotional well-being come into play here. So let's look at you in these terms. What can happen to a person during these times?


That's emotional and mental. What words describe your situation? Are you:

  • Overwhelmed, frustrated, sad?
  • Guilt-ridden, grief-stricken, regretful?
  • Empty, depressed, or just plan mad all the time?

What is happening to make you seek out help on a website about a midlife crisis?

These are all signs of a bigger problem. They manifest themselves through you mentally and emotionally. Finding the root cause of what you are feeling is the key to getting a remedy.

Sounds like a doctor, right? Well, let me remind you. I am a life coach that is a midlife crisis survivor. I was so moved by my understandings once I went through my journey of healing that I was compelled to action. My action is to be a helpmate for your betterment.

So let's move on to...


What is physically happening to you that's related to your midlife crisis concerns? Do you...

  • Stay to yourself a lot?
  • Have sleepless nights?
  • Stare at books or the television or magazines just to kill time?
  • Feel alone even in a crowded room?

The way you carry yourself can mean a midlife crisis is setting in. Even more serious actions can occur. Like...

  • Do you raise your voice a lot even in a normal conversation?
  • Do you yell at yourself in critical tones?
  • Do you go for walks and forget why you even went for a walk?

Like I said. Midlife crisis symptoms can vary. It depends on your situation.


Do you:

  • Wonder about who you are all of a sudden?
  • Question why you even do what you do?
  • Wonder about the meaning of your life even?

Many things can happen to you in the midst of a midlife crisis. Midlife crisis symptoms can pop up like ads on a website and be just as aggravating.

Okay! What if some of these things are happening to me? Does that mean I'm in a midlife crisis? And if so, what is my next move? What do I do about it?

Well, that's all up to you. These symptoms are warning signs like when you are on a road. A "yield sign" means stop, look and see what's happening before you go further. "Stop" signs mean "stop." Not slow down. Stop!

How serious are your midlife crisis symptoms? Have you talked to a trusted friend or counselor about them? Are they serious enough to warrant much more serious professional intervention?

Because midlife crisis symptoms beg your attention and some action. If you are moved to act, keep moving about this website and do what you are inspired to do. The opportunity for your betterment is here. Jump on it. Be moved. Get some satisfaction by taking inspired action.

And, of course, if you are inspired enough to need my counsel as a life coach, I invite you, now, to use my appointment section at the bottom of this page. Sign up for a FREE "Super Self" Strategy Session.

This is only a discovery session. No  obligations intended. It is designed to explore your situation and see if my style and services are a good fit for you and your circumstances. So do what your spirit is telling you.

Peace love joy and happiness and all the good stuff that comes with it to you. It's a blessing to have connected.