Midlife Crisis Women

You could be one of many midlife crisis women? Do you feel an urgency to examine what's going on in your life? Maybe you are in a situation where you need help dealing with it. Let's go a bit deeper.

Are you experiencing any of the following:

  • Questioning whether to stay married or not?
  • Feeling abandoned because your husband seems obsessed with his career
  • Feeling lost because your children are grown and gone on to live their own lives
  • Having problems sleeping at night because of rambling thoughts?
  • Feeling you have lost your purpose, your mission, and your direction?
  • Thinking you are getting "too old?"
  • Having stomach or nervous issues you can't seem to get rid of?
  • Get angry over the least little things?
  • Feeling others' lives are more exciting than your own?
  • Have a nagging health issue that's hobbled your life?
  • Have a family member who has a health issue that takes up much of your time?

Now, are you anywhere from age 30 to 60? If so, you maybe in the throes of a full blown midlife crisis.

All kinds of things can happen to you when you are facing a midlife crisis. And what is a midlife crisis but an urgency about your present situation that gets complicated by the aging process.

What is going on in your life to make you feel you are in a crisis? What of the aforementioned situations involve you? What do you want to do about it?

And, moreover, why am I reaching out to you and why should you even care?

Well, hi. I am Eddie Smalls aka Manifest Man. I help spirit-led, heart-centered individuals experiencing a midlife crisis rise above their circumstances so they may go after what they REALLY want in life.

And what do you want? You are on a midlife crisis women's page on this website. What brought you here? What information do you wish to find? What situation are you desiring to make better?

As you will learn on this website, I have one stand when it comes to dealing with a crisis. Look at yourself, however, not in a sense of you are the problem or you are to blame. But look to help you get a grip on your situation. 

As I have learned, a midlife crisis is a time of transition. You are moving from one phase of living to another. If you are seeing the phase as problematic because of some ensuing circumstances, it may be a crisis. Well, as the Chinese put it, "crisis" is an "opportunity."

You will learn BETTERMENT OF SELF on this website. You will learn how to be the best YOU you can be. You will examine your situation from your own point of view with the intention of growing, moving forward, learning better ways of coping.

As other midlife crisis women have learned, this period in your life is a checkpoint. You want to go inside, find out how to deal with your inner self and do what your "gut" is telling you to do. That is how you will overcome the rigors of your situation.

So you can either go back to the home page and follow the suggestions there or you can go to another page that will give you more insights and suggestions about your situation.

And, of course, if you are inspired enough to need my counsel as a life coach, I invite you, now, to use my appointment section at the bottom of this page. Sign up for a FREE "Midlife Crisis To Marvelous Life" Strategy Session.

This is only a discovery session. No  obligations intended. It is designed to explore your situation and see if my services are a good fit for your circumstances. 

Peace love joy and happiness and all the good stuff that comes with it to you.