Midlife Crisis Men

Midlife Crisis men! Yes, it happens to them. In fact, that's what most people probably think about when the subject arises.

 When it comes to midlife crisis symptoms, you probably think of the stereotypes that pertain to men. There are so many stories of men leaving their wives to get a younger woman that it’s just a cliché’ today. And many of them are true.

There are many others, such as:

·         The “trophy wife” swap happens when a man goes after his fancy. That wife he always dreamt of having, but never was man enough to make the move;

·         The late run at being a business tycoon, because now he’s stronger and wiser in the corporate world;

·         The late comer wannabe rockstar who buys a vintage Les Paul or Gibson guitar and vies to become the next Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin or George Benson;

·         The next bigtime executive chef on television run; or, maybe,

·         The big bad biker dude or the flashy, fancy speedcar freak.

All these are examples of things men have done in a midlife crisis, much to the displeasure of their spouses, children, friends and associates.

However, these, though they do happen, are not all that men experience in a midlife crisis. And amended list could be like:

  • The ex-sports star who can't get over the fact that is he no longer that sports star (or how the sportstar wannabe who tries a late run a being that super athlete;
  • The middle-aged husband who decides he's got to be the next television chef;
  •  That I'm-just-tired-of-being-a-married guy fella.

But let's be clear. Many things can cause a midlife crisis in men. Health issues, like mentally illness, physical limitations, apathy about life and the like. Let's say, anything that interrupts human happiness and is impacted by the aging process can become a midlife crisis.

Included in this is andropause. This is the tendency for men to lose testosterone potency over time. Doctors say this reduction in potency can begin as early as 30 years old and continue all the way to 70. By then, a man's testosterone potency could be lowered to a whopping 50 %. This rings alarms in men's head because of muscle loss and sex drive problems. And the dreaded, ED, erectile dysfunction.

Yeah. Andropause is the one thing men often hesitate to discuss. Yes, it's embarrassing. But when it causes enough disruption in one's life, you will seek some help.

So what’s yours? Is it anything like the above behaviors or is it something else. And there can be something else. A midlife crisis can be anything that disrupts your thinking and behavior in your time of transition. From being a young man burning with desire to an older man nervous about the aging process and what it brings.

Thoughts around aging can bring on much anxiety.

Beyond the stereotypes, there could be events equally dramatic and of great concern for you. Things like:

·         Health concerns that pertain to men, namely prostate enlargement, early baldness, erectile dysfunction, cancer, often called the "C" word, and others;

·         Mental health, as in depression, self-loathing, stress-related issues

·         Chronic pains from an injury like back problems, knee problems, crippling or paralysis in limbs;

·         Spiritual difficulties stemming from religious woes or belief and abundance block problems.

Many things can come along in life that can derail your future. The problems that arise from a midlife crisis stems from the concept of time. You believe time is running out because of aging, so how can you get the time to recover from setbacks.

One thing I learned about being a man is this: When a man doesn’t feel like a man, he isn’t much good to himself, his family or society. He often becomes something that gives people a reason to gossip.

You may hear statements like:

·         “Did you hear about, Roy? Gosh, he’s fallen off the deep end.”

·         “Man, Darnell’s just plain lost it. And to think he appeared to once have it so together.”

·         “The worse thing Gary ever did was just suddenly up and leave his wife. But it’s sure too late now.”

·         “If you’d have told me last year that Paul would crash and burn like this, I’d have said you were crazy. But, golly, look at what’s become of him.”

So. What’s your issue? What’s brought you to a website that discusses midlife crisis men issues? What's gotten you to reading all the way to this far on this page? What questions do you have about your situation that’s got your head throbbing? You can follow these pages here and find more material to help you get through your crisis or you can.

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