Eddie Smalls aka Manifest Man

Hi. I am Eddie Smalls aka Manifest and I help heart-centered, spirit-led individuals experiencing a midlife crisis rise above their circumstances and manifest a marvelous life.

Yeah. That's a mouthful. But take me seriously, because, believe you me, I am. I am truly Eddie Smalls aka Manifest Man and my journey to becoming this, including my alter ego, is an important part of why I'm a life coach serving midlife crisis survivors. So allow me to give you some important details about me and my organization.

[First: Who am I?]

Once again, I am Eddie Smalls aka Manifest Man. I fell in love with comic books and the business of helping others through the fantasy world of superheroes and how they dedicate themselves to being a helpmate to mankind. But I never dreamed I'd become one of them. After all, comic book superheroes are fantasy, right? Well, my experiences aren't. They are real.

In one of my darkest hours, 8 years old, 1964, Fairwold Elementary School, while sitting in the principal's office waiting to be spanked, my life changed that day.

How's that, you wonder?

I sat there gazing at that big, round, black-rimmed clock on the wall. Its hands moved slowly about the numbers with the second-hand just ticking away.

  • 9:10 turned to 10:10, 
  • then 10:10 to 11:10,
  • then 11:10 to 11:20.

Yeah. I was deftly bored. Oh, how I wished I had a youth life coach back then.

I could smell the chilly con carne with beans. I knew the cafeteria menus by heart. That day I smelled the menu, which was, also, topped off with deliciously-buttered cornbread squares, strawberry shortcake and a carton of milk. The principal's office was right across from the cafeteria. How could I not smell the aroma?

Then I heard the mimeograph machine (That was the copying system back then). Teachers mulled around to use it. One teacher came over and dropped a handful of unwanted papers in a nearby trash can. That trash can got my attention. I eased over and fumbled through it. The contents of that trash can changed my life...forever.


In that trash can were the following:

  • Sheets of old papers;
  • Bazooka Bubble Gum wrappers and the cartoons that came with them;
  • Wrigley's Juicy Fruit and Spearmint gum wrappers;
  • Pieces of  those broken, thick, red writing pencils we wrote with back then; 
  • Also, assorted junk like pencil shavings, chewed up gum and wadded up papers, and
  • A Superman comic book.

Not only did those items and those strange turn of events change my life for the better, they became an integral part of my future and destiny. Especially that Superman comic book. How? Well, how about...

  • Scribbling, doodling and drawing pictures helped to keep me out of the principal's office;
  • Reading, drawing and writing skills developed my appreciation of art and got me on the honor roll;
  • Selling soda pop bottles, raking leaves and cutting grass to buy comic books and drawing paper taught me responsibility and business;
  • And, finally, sitting in that hard chair looking at that clock on the wall taught me the value of time.

Yes, even way back then I learned many life lessons.

[Next: Why Am I Here?]

Well, first, why am I here, as in my purpose on planet earth?

As I said previously, I help the needy. I'm like that Bridge Over Troubled Waters that Paul Simon wrote about, that he and Art Garfunkel and Aretha Franklin belted out in their respective versions of that powerful pop tune. They sang:

               "When you are weary, feeling small,

               when tears are in your eyes, well, I will dry them all,

               I'm on your side when times get rough and friends just can't be found.

               Like a bridge over troubled waters, I will lay me down."

Now. Why am I here, as in, on this website?

This is a great place to talk to people like you. Find you. Help you in your time of need.

I have experiences, knowledge and expertise based on my travels on this planet. In my small world I found big solutions to what I thought were big problems. And they were big. As I perceived them as such, they grew, inundated my life and style and sent me into a world-wind of self-discovery. And what I found so moved me, I got the impetus to become a life coach to help those that needed it.

And, lastly, why am I here?...as in regards to your life in particular?

You want answers about a midlife crisis. That is what this website is here for. I am the real life contact to help bring about the transformation you desire if you are so inclined to seek me out.

[So why do I matter?]

A midlife crisis can be a serious matter. I know. I have been through layers and layers of emotions based on my own. And I mean, time went by. If you don't adequately address your situation, time will go by and you will feel the aggravating pangs of regret. 

That is why I matter. I am here to help you get past whatever you are feeling, seeing, and wanting to overcome. 

That may be your guilt, your fears, your anger, your need for revenge or payback, your regrets.

What Are My Qualifications?

My journey from pain to pleasure was that of finding what I needed. I sought out the appropriate healing techniques to apply to my situation. Seeing my faulty perceptions and remedying them was also part of that journey. With this journey of discovery came many mentors, which help me develop my powerful knowledge base. That's what this website is for. It's a place for me to share what I have to offer with persons like yourself.

Is that not what you came here for? Help? Like with the following:

  • I am an experiential life coach, I lived what I teach;
  • I am, also, a midlife crisis survivor;
  • I experienced the freak outs, the overwhelm, the confusion and outrage of my ordeal;
  • Yes, I was in a "hot mess;"
  • I went to therapists, consulted friends, went to retreats, read books and beckoned to Our Great Creator for help;
  • I experienced a sho nuff, true-life transformation that made me scream "halleluia to the highest!"
  • Then I felt renewed, found my calling and knew my cause;
  • I thanked Our Great Creator for my journey of discovery;
  • And I committed myself to my calling and my cause: Helping other midlife crisis sufferers get relief.

This is why Manifest Man Coaching exists. In college I studied mass communications, so I know how to deliver a message. My message is simple:

"Stop playing small, become your Super Self."

All I share on this website centers around that premise. So if you are in a midlife crisis, here, on this website, you will be guided to help you look inside you and manifest your betterment via your inner game.

The Family Connection

A midlife crisis affects not just you, but can affect all your relationships in some sense. That's family and its extended members, neighborhood connections, workplace associations, and social life. So with whomever you come in contact can feel some of your emotions.

These are the personal experiences I have that helped me connect with those that seek out my services:

  • 30 years experience in youth and family development;
  • I have reinvented myself more than once;
  • I have studied and used different emotional healing modalities; and
  • I had to learn how to dump my personal and emotional baggage in order to grow myself.

My experiences as a life coach brought about these testimonials from persons whose lives I have touched. Enjoy them, for I enjoyed seeing these persons lives change for the better right in our sessions.

The information you gave me is worth way more than I can say. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about real life.--a single mom I met in the public library.

When I told my friend about you, he said I was crazy for listening to you. I told him how your questions and talk made me cry and think hard about my life. I have never had anyone talk to me like you did about myself. I thank you for being you. --a single mom who was also an ex-inmate of the South Carolina penal system.

Eddie, I never could have made it through this tough time so quickly with such finesse without your help. May God forever bless you, your purpose, your business and everything around you."--Latonya Stokes, mother, educator, aspiring writer.

Eddie Smalls is a source of light and Spiritual Fire. His voice is powerful and helps you see things in a new light. His process has helped me move through deep internal stuff and see real changes within myself which got reflected without, financially, spiritually and in my relationships. It’s been an inspiration working with Eddie!!!-Chanie Twersky, mother, businessperson, social changemaker with children and families.

"I like your enthusiasm, your energy, the authentic way you speak. You made me want to be like that."-- a military psychologist.

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